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Uptown Theater Minneapolis

The Uptown Theater in Minneapolis is a historic landmark and a popular entertainment venue located in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was designed by architectural firm Kees and Colburn in the Beaux-Arts architectural style, featuring ornate detailing and a grand facade. The Uptown Theater opened its doors in 1913 as a single-screen movie theater.

Over the years, the Uptown Theater has undergone several renovations and expansions. In the 1920s, it was expanded to include additional screens. In the 1930s, it was remodeled in the Art Deco style. In recent years, the Uptown Theater has undergone further renovations to modernize its facilities while preserving its historic charm. This has included updates to its screening rooms, sound systems, and amenities to enhance the moviegoing experience.

One of the most recognizable features of the Uptown Theater is its iconic marquee, which lights up the Uptown neighborhood with colorful neon lights. Throughout its history, the Uptown Theater has been a cultural hub for the community, hosting film screenings, live performances, and other events. Today, the theater remains actively involved in the local community, partnering with organizations and hosting events that promote arts and culture in Minneapolis.

In 2016, the Uptown Theater was designated as a historic landmark by the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission, recognizing its architectural significance and cultural importance to the city.


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